Marketing Research Education Center:

The Insider’s Guide.

We created the Marketing Research Education Center as a reference site for both marketing research beginners wanting to learn the fundamentals of market research and for more experienced marketers and market researchers looking for a quick refresher or access to statistical tools.

Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets

In addition to our Statistical Tools (tests for significant differences, sample size calculator, etc.), we have provided several free White Papers related to marketing research fundamentals.

This paper presents the major steps in marketing research decision making process for conducting primary, quantitative research studies including:

  • identifying the research need,
  • deciding on the research approach,
  • determining the appropriate marketing research design,
  • marketing research data collection,
  • survey data analysis and
  • creating marketing research research reports.

This paper presents a compendium of common types of marketing research errors associated with conducting and reporting marketing research surveys.

This paper presents a brief outline on marketing research cost categories for both quantitative and qualitative research projects.