Our Approach

Quantitative Research Methods

Marketing research is essential to identify the changes you can make that will have the greatest impact. But it must be accurate.

Because quality is our number one concern, Research World International Ltd has invested heavily in state-of-the-art marketing research survey data collection technologies. We have partnered with top-quality marketing research survey data collection agencies in the country and enjoy the use of their fully automated telephone center. The CATI call center provides remote monitoring for our telephone survey programs, which allows greater quality assurance.

Telephone CATI Surveys

Our telephone interviewing center combines the latest Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software with predictive dialing technology and automated call distributor capabilities.

Online Surveys

Our Internet survey system provides an incredibly robust platform for programming and hosting web-based marketing research that gathers timely and insightful information in a fast and accurate format.

Other Methods

  • Mail Surveys
  • Intercept Surveys
  • Pen and Paper

Qualitative Research

Qualitative Market Research Tells us “Why”

There are times when the “Why” is more important than the “How Many.” When that is the case, qualitative research offers an excellent opportunity to:

  • Understand decision processes
  • Capture reactions
  • Explore the issue
  • Create a rich and deep record of the respondents’ reactions and thoughts

It can be used alone or as preparation for follow-up to quantitative market research. Research World International Ltd’s qualitative researchers have strong business and research backgrounds and years of experience in using qualitative research to meet clients’ needs.

In-Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews (IDIs) are one-on-one conversations between an experienced interviewer and a qualified respondent.

IDIs are an excellent tool to use when there is concern about whether a focus-group setting is appropriate or even geographically feasible.

IDIs can be completed at a central location or by telephone and are used in both consumer and business research situations. They can also be used internally within an organization to understand key issues and challenges.
Focus Groups.

Focus Groups

For situations in which the interaction of a larger group of respondents is desirable, focus groups provide the ideal tool.

Focus groups are conducted with all types of respondents for all types of topics.

An important element of the focus group is ensuring that the correct respondents are in the correct mix. In addition to the focus group discussion, respondents can be asked to complete paper-and-pencil questionnaires before or during the focus groups to enhance and clarify the information gathered.


Research World International Ltd’s senior staff has extensive marketing research and business experience and can put their experience to work in facilitating sessions for your company.

Our researchers are experienced in strategic planning, brand positioning, marketing communications, and new product development with many successful projects and facilitation sessions in their background.