Market Research

Research World International is one of Uganda’s leading market research firm. We offer professional marketing  research services that engage your target demographic with appealing, personalized approaches that attract new business.

we facilitate your understanding of the markets with incisive and penetrative market study and analysis that aides and abets in smart decisions for your product offerings. Proprietary and unique research platforms provide a 360-degree view into the industry-specific markets in which your business operates.

Our powerful, focused and detailed analysis helps give you clarity on:

  • Market opportunities, both existing and potential
  • Best go-to-market strategy to adopt for your business
  • How to maximize the existing market strategy
  • Insights into channel partners most suited for your business
  • Focus on the appropriate client clusters for your business

Customers Satisfaction Surveys

Research World International Ltd conducts thousands of customer satisfaction surveys every year across a broad range of industries. We can refresh or create a new customer satisfaction survey program, including:

  • Collecting the data (telephone, Internet, IVR, mail),
  • Analyzing the results and providing them in a format customized to your individual needs via hard copy or our online reporting system.
  • About half of the customer satisfaction surveys we conduct are business-to-business and half are business-to-consumer.

Depending on the challenges your organization faces, Research World International Ltd can help you conduct either general relationship-based customer satisfaction surveys that focus on issues such as service, price, competition and brand, or transaction-based customer satisfaction surveys that focus on a specific customer transaction with your call center or sales representatives.

Contact us to learn more about creating a customer service satisfaction strategy.

Staff engagement / Employee satisfaction

Knowing the satisfaction level of your customers is only half the battle. A company’s employees are often the face and frontline of an organization and their opinion of that organization impacts their attitude, thus affecting customer’s attitudes, and ultimately the bottom line. Employees help spread the word about your brand, and satisfied employees are better cheerleaders.

An employee survey allows employers to take the pulse of their company to gain a true assessment of employee satisfaction within the workplace. Companies can measure what motivates employees, drives loyalty, makes and keeps employees happy. Increased productivity, less turnover, and a company unified and focused on its overall mission provide further reason to conduct employee satisfaction research.

Hear The Voice Of Your Employees

Our employee surveys are specifically designed to help you hear and understand the voice of your managers, employees, and front-line customer service personnel, so that you can uncover obstacles to better performance, effect change and improve your business. Research World International Ltd in executing employee survey programs and can help you design and deploy a survey perfectly suited to your individual company needs.

Customer Retention Surveys, Loss Prevention and Win-Back

Achieving the objective of improving the customer’s overall experience and reducing churn rate requires better and more immediate customer feedback. A comprehensive customer lifecycle market research survey program might include surveying:

  • prospective customers,
  • competitors’ customers,
  • new (early life) customers,
  • current/long-standing (loyal) customers and
  • Previous (lost) customers.

In the spirit of a strong offense being the best defense, a strong customer retention survey program will help management defend against customer attrition proactively by determining potential causes for defection and developing programs to promote loyalty.

The objective of the retention survey and lost customer research is to gain an understanding of why customers are leaving and what would bring them back. It is important to track lost customers’ perceptions over time to ensure that management continually understands reasons why customers might cancel a service or stop purchasing a product and what new things could be put in place to retain them or win them back.

Research World International Limited specializes in helping companies build and maintain a competitive advantage by becoming more customer focused. We have helped a number of companies across various industries understand what causes customers to leave and how to improve current customers’ satisfaction and ultimately increase overall retention rates.

Mystery shoppers Surveys

Our Mystery Shopping services incorporate different techniques for the measurement of various customer touchpoints: face-to-face contact, telephone calls, e-mail contact, web-based enquiries, lead generation…

The ‘Mystery Shops’ can have different focuses: it can have a focus on the Sales interactions, After-Sales Services, Product Knowledge, Integrity, Pricing and/or infrastructure and environment. Be it within a B2B or B2C environment. Find out more about our solutions.

Our extensive experience throughout different types of sales channels and industries enables us to provide you with tailor-made solutions. Carefully selected and trained Mystery Shoppers will visit your Bank, store, dealership, restaurant … on agreed times and days to evaluate these touch points.

Our Shoppers are carefully trained to observe, experience and measure any customer service process to assess performance against specific criteria, and to report back on their experiences in a comparable, consistent, detailed and objective way.

Would you like to find out more about our specific Mystery visits, Mystery Call, Mystery E-mail? Contact us directly!

Everyone knows that most new products fail before they get off the ground. Some experts estimate that the new product success rate is not higher than 14%. This results in wasted time, money and opportunity. New product research helps you increase your chances of success in the high-risk arena of new product development by helping you identify unmet needs, screen concepts and plan for marketing communications to support the successful launch of your new products.

Stages of new product development

  • Needs Assessment/Opportunity Identification.
  • Concept Generation and Screening.
  • Quantitative Concept Testing and Value Estimation.
  • Test Markets.
  • New Product Launch Strategy.
  • New Product Strategy.

Some of the innovation research we conduct

  • Feasibility studies
  • Product Test studies
  • Price test Studies

Our Retail Research services

Companies especially in the FMCG sector spend lots of millions on trade-marketing, merchandising, POS and use of planograms. They search for optimal shelf share within outlets and develop pricing strategies and promotional campaigns. However, in spite of these expenditures most manufacturers have little information on retailer and store compliance, (b) in-store brand effectiveness and (c) overall ROI on expenditure.

So as to make informed decisions on how to make most efficiently use of your budgets, improve the execution of the various deliverables and help in its negotiations with partner retailers and agencies, it is important to understand the retail market dynamics. RWI retail audit packages provide companies with crucial insights on the successful implementation of their trade-marketing, pricing and campaign strategies.

Some of the retail research we conduct

  • Retail Audit
  • Execution audits

We live in a branded world. Everything is branded, from products to experiences. Some research studies have shown that babies as young as age 18 months recognize brands. Brands become a short-hand for your customers and telegraph certain attributes and qualities to the marketplace, making it easy for the customer to choose your brand.

Brand research is focused on helping companies make the critical decisions that build and enhance their branding. Whether you are just starting to define your brand or whether you have an established brand that you are managing, accurate and timely information is available through brand research in these critical brand development phases:

  • Creating a new brand strategy
  • Understanding how far your brand can stretch
  • Branding research for marketing brands
  • Brand tracking

Some of the branding research we conduct

  • Brand Usage and Attitudes Research
  • Brand Positioning Research

Brand Heath Tracking

People react in three ways to commercials: ‘Change the channel’, ‘What was that all about?’ and ‘Hmm, we should buy that product.’ Question is: ‘How do I get the third response to my advertisement?’ The answer lies in advertising tests.

RWI will get your target audience together and ask them what they think about your advertising using a research methodology packaged uniquely just for you

Positioning and Segmentation research

RWI’s positioning and segmentation research is designed to help you figure out what market positioning presents you with the fastest access to a bonus from the accounts department. You will be able to gather valuable insights like what consumers are looking for and what needs are still unfulfilled.

Consumers need to be clustered according to their demographics, psychographics, product needs and usage behavior. Once this is done, you can easily determine which segment is viable for your brand and help you develop communication that will talk to individuals instead of consumers in general. This way, you use your resources optimally.

Contact us in case you wish to carry out such a study.