Data Collection

Survey Design and Data Collection

We understand that useful research relies on high quality data. We bring decades of methodological experience and broad substantive expertise to all parts of the data collection process. When designing evaluations and other projects, we determine how best to combine survey, administrative, and qualitative data to answer our clients’ most challenging questions. We acquire and assess administrative data to determine which questions they may inform. We design surveys to collect information, applying rigorous sampling methodologies and tailoring instruments and data collection strategies to answer our clients’ most challenging questions. We apply a full range of qualitative study methods, including focus groups, cognitive interviews, and site visits, to deepen our insight. To turn data into actionable information, we provide first-rate statistical analysis for all research projects.

RWI Provides full service of data collection at the best rates in industry. We offer high-quality, timely and professional data collection services to gather/collect data from various data sources. With having the best team of data collection professionals, we can collect and deliver data in well-organized formats. We offer data collection services across all sectors including, market research and Social Research. Designed to deliver fast accurate output, at a competitive cost, our data collection service has delivered value to clients from diverse industries across African. Over time we have done data collection on behalf/in partnership with several international research agencies. Alongside Data collections, we also provide Translation and Transcription services.

Why Data Collection Services of RWI:

  • We have teams across the regions in the countries of our operations
  • Quick Turnaround time
  • Stringent Quality control measures
  • We are well versed with use of various data collection technology platforms
  • Most of all Our services are very cost friendly

Quantitative Research Methods used

Face to face Surveys

We have experience in collecting data through face to face using pen and paper and Mobile based data collection (MAPI). We have experience in using the trending mobile data collection apps. We have embrace technology and predominantly rely on it for data collection.

Research World International has over 150 Tabs available for Data collection. These are available for use at no extra cost especially for all subcontract jobs.

Mystery shopping

At RWI, we are quiet seasoned at carrying out the mystery shopping exercise for an array of clients.We have been conducting mystery shopping for the last five years across verticals like telecom, automobile, food and beverage, apparel, etc.

We have become the eyes and ears of our clients, especially in those locations where it is not possible for them to reach physically on a regular basis.

We have a specialized team of experienced professionals who have mastered the art of ‘knowing the client’.

Online Surveys

At RWI we are skilled in data collection services using web-based surveys. We can create online surveys using a variety of web-based software–such as Survey Monkey, Survey to go, Snap surveys and more–to collect research data in several fields, including market research and social research.

Our Internet survey system provides an incredibly robust platform for programming and hosting web-based research that gathers timely and insightful information in a fast and accurate format.

CATI Surveys

Research World International partners with top-quality marketing research survey data collection agencies in the country and enjoy the use of their fully automated telephone center.

The CATI call center provides remote monitoring for our telephone survey programs, which allows greater quality assurance.

Our telephone interviewing center combines the latest Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software with predictive dialing technology and automated call distributor capabilities.

Qualitative Research Methods used

There are times when the “Why” is more important than the “How Many.” When that is the case, qualitative research offers an excellent opportunity to:

  • Understand decision processes
  • Capture reactions
  • Explore the issue
  • Create a rich and deep record of the respondents’ reactions and thoughts

It can be used alone or as preparation for follow-up to quantitative research. Research World International Ltd’s qualitative researchers have strong research backgrounds and years of experience in using qualitative research to meet clients’ needs. We collect qualitative data through

  • Focus Group Discussions
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Ethnography