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Everyone knows that most new products fail before they get off the ground. Some experts estimate that the new product success rate is not higher than 14%.

This results in wasted time, money and opportunity. New product research helps you increase your chances of success in the high-risk arena of new product development by helping you identify unmet needs, screen concepts and plan for marketing communications to support the successful launch of your new products. Let us at RWI help you obtain practical information for better decision for you business.

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Telecommunications Industry

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Reproductive Health

Educational institutions



Why Choose us for your Research need

Well experienced team in diverse fields

Research World International has over 9 years’ experience in working with various industries like Health, Finance, Energy, Telecom, Education, Agriculture, Government bodies, etc not only in Africa but across the globe.

Automated & mobile data collection system

RWI has a robust data processing system that includes three methods of data capture and processing. RWI is a very well-known and respected research company in Africa, a factor that is important in creating respondent confidence to maximize levels of confidence in research findings.

Various metrics in data analysis

RWI ‘has on the ground’ research capacity with a well spread out field team in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Sudan. The teams (supervisors, enumerators, coordinators) are familiar with the various local languages / dialects and cultural intricacies.

We deliver service delivery within a short time

At Research World International, we use automated data capture system for both research and media monitoring data capture. Through this, we are able to offer our clients a fast turnaround time on the research and any subsequent tracking that will be required. No quality is compromised at all.



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